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XBox Leaderboard Mod

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Sat Dec 11, 2010 6:08 pm
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Places a leaderboard on your site based around the XBox Live Gaming service. Allows users the ability of choosing a style of gamertage to be shown using one of 15 choices in viewtopic as well as when viewing that users profile. Option in board features to enable/disable the mod as well as turn off gamercards when viewing a topic, allowing the use of XBox avatars as a users avatar as well as a few other options.

Admins can disallow certain users and groups from being able to use the mod via a user permission.

Users can choose to display or not the gamercards when viewing a topic.

Visiting a users profile will allow other users to see the progress of that user in a game (upto the last 16 games played).

Users, if allowed via a board setting, can also set the XBox Live Avatar as their avatar for the forum. Also allows members (via a redirect to xbox live site) to use the Live system to add or send a message to a user that has inputted their gamertag into their profile.

Administrators must have cURL installed on their server (to be able to get the users gamercard data) as well as allow_url_fopen for the simplexml used when viewing a users profile.

This mod requires PHP version 5.

Comes in both prosilver and subsilver2 flavors.

There is a new version of this mod which can be found in this forum.
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