Frequently Asked Questions

Installing AutoMOD

To install AutoMOD, you first need to copy its files to your phpBB3 directory. Inside the zipped file is a subfolder called "root". Its contents should look like this:
automod_dir_structure.png (4.54 KiB) Viewed 64073 times
The image above shows the file structure within the "root" directory. Simply copy these directories to your forum's root directory (i.e. copy them to overwriting folders when specified by the FTP client.
Note: Do not copy the root directory itself, only the contents from that directory.

After uploading the files, you need to run the install script. Point your browser to You should see something like the image below.
Make sure "Install" is selected in "Action", unless you are upgrading AutoMOD in which case "Update" should be selected. "Version Select" should be "Ignore" which does the database edits required by the latest AutoMOD version. Then click on "Submit" and answer "Yes" on the "Are you sure?" question.

If UMIL reports success, your AutoMOD installation has been successful. You may need to alter the AutoMOD configuration before installing your first MOD. Most boards cannot use the "Direct" write method (which is the default) due to file and directory permissions. If you are unsure ask your host. The "FTP" write method should work with almost all hosts.

A FAQ post about setting up the "FTP" write method will be up shortly.