Frequently Asked Questions

Installing MODs with AutoMOD

To install a MOD with AutoMOD, you first have to upload the MOD to your website. AutoMOD looks for MODX files in the /store/mods/ directory. Normally it is easiest to use AutoMOD to upload the MOD zip file.
But if you want to do it manually it is easiest to upload the entire directory so you don't forget any of the included files.

When you have uploaded the MOD to your site you should see it in the AutoMOD tab in your Admin Control Panel.

Choose the install link. You will be given a final warning before the MOD's changes are attempted. If there are any problems, you will see a screen like the left image below and no changes will be committed. If you have experience in MODding, you can alter the MOD's files or the phpBB files manually to allow the installation to work properly.
Image Image
If you see a screen like the left image and choose "Force Install" your forum files might be corrupted and your forum might not work in whole or partially.
If you see a screen like the right image everything went well and the MOD is installed.

If the MOD links to a install file that needs to be run you will see a link to that file in the green success message box.
Note: If you get a message in UMIL telling you that you need to download a new UMIL version. Just ignore that message. If the MOD is validated it is tested and installs with the included UMIL version.

You will need to execute any "DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Instructions" by hand before your MODification will work. These are displayed near the top of the results screen.

By now your MOD installation is done and you can enjoy the new functionality.