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The Skeleton Extension is a tool for extension developers. Its purpose is to kick start your extension development projects.

What is a skeleton? It’s a working extension, based off the phpBB Acme Demo extension. When you want to develop an extension, creating a skeleton will generate most of the initial files you would need, so you don’t have to.

This means you can jump straight into writing code for your extension, and bypass the boring task of creating the initial files, methods and docblocks yourself.

If you’ve never written an extension before, a skeleton provides an ideal way to get started with your first one. Experienced developers will love it too, no longer having to copy-paste code from their existing extensions in order to start up new ones.

All code generated by the Skeleton Extension is fully documented and represents the phpBB Extension Team’s best practices for extension coding.

Read the Documentation for complete usage instructions:
  1. How to install
  2. Create an Extension
  3. Documentation
Note: This tool is not meant to be used on a live forum. It is designed for extension developers with their own local phpBB development and test forum environments.

Development and contribution to this project can be made through its GitHub repository.
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