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Tue Oct 08, 2013 7:36 pm
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This is a tableless style with navigation on left side and drop down login in header. It has additional side bar on the right side and menu in header that can be easily edited, both are hidden by default. Menu in header supports drop down menus.

Style uses prosilver template set, but theme and imageset are completely different.

Style is designed for modern browsers. It does work with IE7-8 too, but it looks a bit different because IE7-8 don't support rounded corners and IE7 doesn't support display:table, :before and :after pseudo selectors.

Style is easy to integrate into websites, WordPress, Joomla, etc.. because it uses .phpbb for root selector and proper css reset so it won't cause conflicts with website's style sheet.

Style includes 21 language packs:
- Croatian (hr)
- Czech (cs)
- Danish (da)
- Dutch (nl)
- English (en)
- Estonian (et)
- French (fr)
- German (de)
- Greek (el)
- Hungarian (hu)
- Indonesian (id)
- Italian (it)
- Lithuanian (lt)
- Norwegian (nb)
- Polish (pl)
- Portuguese (pt, pt-br)
- Russian (ru)
- Slovak (sk)
- Spanish (es)
- Swedish (sv)
- Turkish (tr)

but unlike other styles, this style does not use imageset for language packs. Instead, language packs are stored in theme.
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