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phpbb3 Statistics and Index Tabbed MODs

by eFlite » Wed Sep 28, 2011 4:15 pm


First of all - Thanks for the Style! I literally went through probably 30 different styles looking for something i like while installed. The Bl@ck style was perfect. Nice work!

Im just getting started - here is my forum =>

I have 2 questions but they are kind of linked together:

Question 1 - Via AUTOMOD, I have installed the plug-in "phpbb3 Statistics" => .It puts a text link in the top right of the page which when clicked offers forum statistics. It is working fine with the Prosilver theme but does not show up when i switch to the Bl@ck theme. How do I get the statistics working with a different style? If there are instructions somewhere, sorry i missed them ...please help.

Question 2 - I have another MOD installed. Indexed Tabs, which puts "Who Is Online", "Statistics", and "Legend" into tabs at the bottom of the page. The "Statistics" tab is very basic though and only shows a few things. My question is obviously, Is there a way to combine the two? Having the more advanced statistics show in the tab at the bottom of the page?

I am sure this is possible with a little effort. I just need some direction as I am just getting into WordPress, CSS and all that.

Thanks in advance!

- eFlite
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Re: phpbb3 Statistics and Index Tabbed MODs

by sevenalive » Thu Oct 13, 2011 9:36 am

I swear I replied to this a while ago....

If you're using auto mod, just go to the tab in the ACP, click the statistics mod and click details. Then install the mod into Bl@ck. If that doesn't work, then consult the statistics mod forum.

As for your 2nd question. Bl@ck is based on the default style, prosilver. It only uses 4 custom template files, the rest of Bl@ck uses stock prosilver. So any mod for prosilver you find, will almost always work with Bl@ck. You are better off in the indexed tabs forum for that, maybe another user posted a solution.
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