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Icon question and more...

by AmberSky » Wed Nov 16, 2016 5:45 am

First - thanks for the great and easy to customize theme! I'm loving it over all! Thank you!

I do have a couple questions though. I used a static page via the page extension for my chatroom location. (I wanted a chatroom that was more secure, then the shoutbox type chatrooms...) Anyway, I would like to change it's icon at the very least, without changing another pages icon. If possible.

If possible, I would love to somehow move it over to where it's right between the forum and members links. But at the very least, would love to change it's icon. Any idea?

My second question is... I have the moon phase thing downloaded from here. Of the styles I've tried, only with yours does it distort the top. :( Any ideas what would cause it and how to stop it?

Thanks you. :)
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