CSS and changing colours problem - Categories - DVGFX

CSS and changing colours problem - Categories

by Tolerance » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:23 pm

Hi, I am using your style on phpbb3 3.0.10 installation.

All mods I have installed seem after few tweaks to work fine.
How ever, I am trying to get forum categories colours to be changed, and somehow I either cant find the correct CSS string, or it doesnt seem to change it.

Aswell tried it in hardcode (css file itself) as database saved option (Admin panel > styles > theme's)

So here by my question, is there something overwriting the CSS files in DVGFX style? (since it reads a lot of template files from ProSilver)
Or am i missing something?

If it wouldnt be to much problems, could you make a explaination to which css string should be changed and where to chance what precise color (Currently stuck on Categories colour (forum index), but possiably others later aswell).

I did get success changing few colours here and there, but others seem to be a problem.

Thanks a lot allready in advanced.

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Re: CSS and changing colours problem - Categories

by nextgen » Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:39 pm

[kb=cant-see-changes-editing-styles-changes-have-disappeared]Can't see changes editing styles? Changes have disappeared?[/kb]
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