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Tue Jan 12, 2016 8:59 am
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After looking around the database for a set of FlatUI smilies, I noticed that there really weren't any. So I decided to make some. There's three colour sets included in this set, default (yellow), red, and grey:

The FlatUI Smiley pack includes a replacement for every single default smiley within PhpBB. I've also included a pak file so that they can easily be imported to replace the default ones.

How to replace default smilies with FlatUI:
  1. Extract the contents of the "FlatUI-Smilies.zip" file.
  2. Upload the pak file and the colours that you want to %phpurl%/images/smilies/ NOTE: Do not upload the folder. Just the contents of the folder. So if you want to use the red smilies, don't upload the red folder, just upload the red folder contents.
  3. Go to your board admin > posting > smilies and delete all of the default ones.
  4. Click on "Install Smilies Package" and select the "flat-smilies.pak" file.
  5. This will then import the smilies and tag them to the correct text combinations, just like the default ones.

The icons are 32x32px, but the pak file will import them as 20x20px so that they don't look too big with text. If you want them to be larger, you can increase the size within the Smilies admin page.
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