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Level ranks from 1-60
by teebling • 13th April 2018

This .zip includes 271 rank images that form a levelling system going from one to sixty. I designed them for use with my World of Warcraft: Classic forum hence the limit being sixty :)

Each level's progress bar has five states - empty, quarter full, half full, three-quarters full and totally full. Every ten levels the progress bar changes colour. Levels one to nine only have two states - half-empty and totally full. This is to make levelling faster at the beginning.

Each image is named in the following manner. Let's use level 12 as an example:
12-0.png (empty)
12-1.png (quarter full)
12-2.png (half full)
12-3.png (three quarters full)
12.png (full)

Each rank image is 101x25 in dimensions. All images have been compressed (removal of meta data) for web usage.
I have also included a master sprite for use as a CSS sprite where performance concerns exist.
The font used for numbers is Friz Quadrata TT (bold), I do not own this font.
Instructions for installation in phpBB are included in the readme.md file.

Download & support: https://www.barrens.chat/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=64

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