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3.2.8 phpBB 3.2.8
Sun Sep 29, 2019 1:34 pm
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phpBB 3.2.8
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GPL v2.0
The whole style is with texture background
Wrap max-width for the version with border image is fixed(If the wrap should be wider, the wrap border must be adjusted!)
The header image/logo is shown in every display (in the file contrib it has more header images and two complete alternative Iconsets)
Special No-Ava is displayed in style
The cookie hint is completely redyed
The statistics part is reformatted to fit the style
Added count badge to topic/post/forum statistics and post profile.
The search-header is shown in every display (Background/div disappears if no searchbox is displayed for visitors )
All icons are gradient coded
Wrap / Border change in: "Manual for other Wrap Borders" in FAQ

For this style the Dark Style Smilies should be installed https://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/styl ... 3_smilies/

Important: For this style prosilver, the respective phpbb version, must be installed!

Changes in Version
* Missing read code inserted in overall_header

Changes in Version 3.2.6
* 1 Event moved in the index_body.html (the activity24hours ext. only needs an adjustment if you want to display an icon)
* Fixed border and shadow errors in cp-main.pm
* last subject in the index_body readapted
* pm colors new adapted

You can find instructions for the activity24hours ext by rmcgirr83 in the FAQ
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    License: GPL v2.0
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    License: GPL v2.0
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