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Experiencing a delay before CSS loads

by Amran » Tue Dec 03, 2013 5:12 am

I recently began testing a PHPBB out and installed a style onto a fresh install (MyInvision), but oftentimes when the forum loads, it briefly shows a version without CSS before refreshing and correcting itself. I've been able to locate a few threads on the same subject, but was unable to find a fix for the issue.

I've tried switching the forum back to the default (ProSilver) to see if the same problem occurred, but it did not. I have also tried a new install of PHPBB on a different host and the problem existed there as well.

Any chance someone might know what's causing this or if there's a way to solve it? Thanks!

Here's what the test forum displays as sometimes when loading:
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Re: Experiencing a delay before CSS loads

by PixelFool » Wed Dec 04, 2013 7:59 am

Hello Amran, im not sure the style is doing that, works fine for me, please note that the style that is in the Style Database is for 3.0.11, I have submitted a new revision that updates style to phpBB 3.0.12, hopefully that fixes your bug :)

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Re: Experiencing a delay before CSS loads

by Grinny » Fri Jun 20, 2014 2:16 am

Sorry to bump this, but this is the exact same issue as I am having.

I am using Firefox as my browser when this happens. It appears to be fine in Chrome, and IE. But I do not wish for an ugly flaw to be shown to my Firefox users.
IE/Chrome simply flash white, then loads the site.
Instead of flashing white, firefox html content viable, without the css being applied, then loading the site.

Ideally I'd rather the site remain on the last print page, and instantly load the next when it is ready, instead of white flashing between pages...

Everything Serverside is upto date, php/mysql/phpBB/etc, running off a CentOS 6.5(Final) VPS.

Help to solve this issue would be great.
Hears a screenshotof the issue.
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