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Installing dm-Links with porDVGFX

by TheOldFart » Sun Dec 08, 2013 7:05 pm

I have used this mod on other styles with success. But not much luck with this style. There was one file edit to do that was not present in the styles/proDVGFX/theme/ directory. Its the memberlist_view.html
The mod is running fine with prosilver. I copied over this file to the proDVGFX themes folder. refreshed everything and still no luck. here is the file edits for this file.


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            <dt>{L_ACTIVE_IN_TOPIC}:</dt> <dd><!-- IF ACTIVE_TOPIC != '' --><strong><a href="{U_ACTIVE_TOPIC}">{ACTIVE_TOPIC}</a></strong><br />({ACTIVE_TOPIC_POSTS} / {ACTIVE_TOPIC_PCT})<!-- ELSE --> - <!-- ENDIF --></dd>


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         <!-- Start DM Linkx -->
         <!-- IF S_LINKX_EXIST -->
            <dt>{L_DM_LINKX_OWN_LINKX}:</dt> <dd>{USER_OWN_LINKXS}</dd>
         <!-- ENDIF -->
         <!-- End DM Linkx -->

Any help with this would be great! Love this style!
I just tried to attach the install file but xml extentions not allowed here. so here is the whole mod.

P.S. Also have the same issue with the password-strength mod.
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Re: Installing dm-Links with porDVGFX

by Prosk8er » Mon Dec 09, 2013 3:41 pm

make sure you apply the prosilver edits for that mod to this style noting you may need to do some manual edits. you don't need to copy the memberlist_view.html file cause it uses the prosilver version of it
if you still can't get it after that try asking the mod author
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