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Description of the style:
It is an almost ordinary prosilver, but without colors.
There is a darker and a lighter version with more contrast.
The dark style version has a wrapborder background.
* Round icons for read and square icons for unread incl. the subforums (The unread icons based on Square imageset by EvangelionI) Modified / adapted
* Background behind the group colors (Depending on the color configuration of the group colors, you can remove or adjust the background in style.css)
Note: If there are still good reading problems, you can also specify a hover color for the member names. But then all names will have the same hover color, no matter to which group they belong.

Code: Select all

a:hover.username-coloured {
	color: blue !important;
Important: With this style prosilver, the respective phpbb version, must be installed! For the ProsilverColor-blinds_2nd the ProsilverColor-blinds must be also installed!

Monochrome Smiley Sets https://www.phpbb-skins-by.koliofotis.c ... =100&t=178

Changes in 3.2.10
* Logo replace with svg logo

Changes in /
* Mistakes in the topic icons corrected

Changes in
* stat-block online-list "icon fa blind-signal" inserted in style.css
If you want a different icon, change it also in the css, with the desired unicode
Remark: If I should adapt something differently, because it is still not good so, then write it in the style support. Without feedback it is quite difficult to create such a style correctly.
For larger fonts install the Large Font ext. from HiFiKabin.
You can find the adaptation to the stylechanger of Kirk in my forum.

FACT: 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency.
Color weaknesses are mostly congenital, but diseases or side effects of drugs can also affect the recognition of colors. Total colour blindness, on the other hand, is much rarer - one in every 100,000 people is affected.

GEO - How colour-blind people see the world (Article on DE but look at the pictures at the end. Use the slider and drag it from left to right to see the difference in each shot.)
Translation for the shown pictures:
In red blindness (protanopia) patients are not able to process red light. They therefore have difficulty distinguishing between red and green and between blue and green. In red blindness, the cones, the sensory cells of the retina, which are responsible for seeing red tones, are damaged.

People who suffer from green blindness (deuteranopia) cannot process a green light. There are no cones, i.e. the sensory cells of the eye, so that green tones cannot be perceived. It is therefore more difficult for people with a green blindness to distinguish green from red and between some grey, purple and blue shades.

In people suffering from blue blindness (tritanopia), the light-sensitive photoreceptors for recognizing blue tones on the retina of the eye are not developed. As a result, they often confuse light blue with grey, dark purple with black, medium green with blue and orange with red. They cannot process blue light.
index_prosilver_color-blinds_2nd.jpg ColorBlinds_inside.jpg ColorBlinds_guests.jpg colorblind_icons.jpg
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