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Wed Nov 07, 2018 8:07 pm
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GPL v2.0
pycode style for phpBB 3.2.3 based on prosilver.

UPDATE! pycode 1.0.2 is available now! It was updated for the latest phpBB 3.2.5 version. While phpBB team will review and validate it, you can download it from my github page:
Please don't forget to buy me a drink if you like this style and find it useful for your needs ;)


Minimalistic Dark Theme, based on prosilver, made for personal needs. Now sharing it with the community.


Custom made forum and topic icons, for enhancing the overall feeling of the theme.
Font Awesome and Glyph Icons glyphs.
Fully rewritten dark color scheme, with nice transitions for buttons and input boxes.
"Online" icon has been replaced with CSS3 ribbon that is shown next to username.
For administrators group color I used #FF9832.
For super moderators group color I used #00A15E.

Theme will be updated if any bugs are found.
For any questions you can contact me at
If you like this theme, you can star it at my

You can support or buy me a drink by donating a dollar at
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    License: GPL v2.0
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