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Re: 3.2.5

by DV1 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:57 pm


Uploaded the new version of pycode per your instructions. It's looking good and everything works as it should. :)

A couple of questions:

Just today I asked a question on the styles support of phpBB re the color of usernames especially when you have 2 styles to offer members but the ACP only allows for one color across whichever styles. I thought maybe a background color would do it and sure enough 'Brf' from the board said to try it. I did and it works. I can adjust it so the background is not glaring but still I'm wondering if there's another way of changing this for the particular style. Addedly, if there's a way to do this also for 'administrators', 'mods', etc.

In line with the previous question, it only works for the username but not the groups like admin, mods, etc.

Re online indicator, you state that it's been replaced by a ribbon but it still shows the dot next to the name as you had it before.
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Re: Re: 3.2.5

by danceban » Thu Jan 24, 2019 9:06 am

Hey DV1,

As Brf said, a background color for all the usernames could be an option for you. Sure, it is possible to make a set of different colors for groups based on style selected, but that would involve core files changes, which is not related to the style itself. I don't know PHP to make such modifications. It is like writing from the ground a new modification. Ask on the forum, maybe someone will make it, maybe for a small fee. I cannot help in this case.

About the online indicator, nothing changed there, it is a statement left from the first release of the style.
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