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Sun Dec 15, 2019 4:27 pm
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GPL v2.0
It is a very simple silver, white and light black Xmas style, without glimmer.
He has red hover effects also in posting profile
The header image / banner is fully responsive
In the style displays the Santa no avatar
Copyright is configured as a gift pack
The statistics are displayed in a block
In the folder contrib there are red backgrounds, alternative headerimages matching to the copyright, favicons and all icons as png

Important: With this style prosilver, the respective phpbb version, must be installed!

Info: Because the style has light as well as dark backgrounds, several extensions need an adjustment, because the font color is not uniform.
In the style.css there is a div .extension-container, with which you can enclose the html file in some extensions or insert in an extension, if background and font color are not correct or you can't read anything.

Tips: For this style I recommend to install Red title for new topic and new reply ext.Through the activity of the members, the style gets its color.
There is also an Adventinducements calender by Ongray&Oxpus, which I have adapted to this style, with matching picture. You find the adaptation in my Styleforum - Extensions Adaptions

Changes in version
*Fixed a remaining beginner sin in row.pagination :oops: :shock:

Changes in version
* Changed the whole moderator & forum description section.

Changes in version
*Link to forum rules color changed
*The responsive in the telephones was suddenly no longer correct.

Changes in version
* print.css was missing

Changes in version 3.2.8
* Icon colors were not displayed in quicklinks dropdown

Changes in version 3.2.7
* PN Border-color newly adapted
* Corrected link in overall_header (image)
* Missing box shadow code inserted
* Star background inserted in li.row:hover
* Offline picture was not displayed
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