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This style should give us courage but also encourage us to rethink.

Many thanks to all who have continued working for us!

For later years: Never forget what happened in 2020. We must all change our way of life!

A Black-Norway-Red Style (This green colour is really called Norway)
Virus_2nd also have dark gray tones - The colors of Virus_2nd are adapted to the current situation.
In the contrib folder there are more header images
Prosilver must be installed! For the Virus_2nd style Virus must also be installed.

Actually Virus_2nd should be the first. But I didn't want the header image of Virus_2nd in the style demo to look at everyone.

I was faster and saw the 5 stars of the first rating. Although now, thanks to the second grader who begrudged me, it's three stars again :)
Joking aside: You could see how opinions diverge. Normally, almost nobody takes the effort to evaluate a style.
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