Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply custom changes?

For v2.5.5 we_universal is shipped with a custom.css file which contains hints for several common and easy customisations.
Note that custom.css is loaded after all of the other .css files, and thus any settings there will override standard .css settings, whether you want them to or not!

It is intended that most customisations can be easily transferred from one version of we-universal to the next, just by copying or merging the custom.css file.

You can alternatively find and edit the same items in the main we_universal .css files, but such changes would need to be reapplied after each version update.

After editing any .css element, you will need to refresh to browser cache to see the effect, clearing the forum cache in the ACP (unfortunately) does not cause all of the .css files to be reloaded. In PC browsers ctrl-f5 will do this, on other devices, you may need to manually clear the browser cache for the site.