Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the header background image?

The header background image is located in styles/we_universal/theme/images/dashboard.jpg.

You can use any .jpg image of approximately the same shape as the original (1200x240 pixels). The aspect ratio of the image will be preserved, regardless of the number of pixels.

The easiest way to install your own image is to overwrite styles/we_universal/theme/images/dashboard.jpg with another image file with the same name.

After changine the image file, you MUST clear the forum cache in the ACP for the new file to be loaded by some browsers.

Alternatively you may place a new file with a different name in that directory. You then need to update image path. Change the following code in template/overall_header.html (around line 216).

Code: Select all

	<img src="{ROOT_PATH}styles/we_universal/theme/images/dashboard.jpg?assets_version={T_ASSETS_VERSION}" alt="forum header image">
Change the path and/or filename to match the file that you want to use. keep (or add) the string after the "?" so that browsers will re-read the image file after a forum cache purge.

After editing the file template/overall_header.html you MUST clear the forum cache in the ACP for the new file name to be used.