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Random header image on we_universal

by EA117 » Thu Jul 30, 2020 6:19 pm

Combining the original proposed code from inventea.com with the $user->theme['theme_path'] to $user->style['style_path'] change as well as the "does not work with phpBB route-based URLs" fix, the proposed code for randomization on phpBB 3.2.x and phpBB 3.3.0 is:

10. How to add random header image?

Create a new directory called headers/ in the styles/we_universal/theme/ location. You should put all header images in the new directory. Now open includes/functions.php and find these existing lines:

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// The following assigns all _common_ variables that may be used at any point in a template.
Before those existing lines, add these additional lines:

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// Path to directory with header images (must contain trailing slash)
$inventea_images_path = "styles/" . rawurlencode($user->style['style_path']) . '/theme/headers/';

// Get list of images in directory
$inventea_images_list = array_diff(scandir( $phpbb_root_path . $inventea_images_path), array('.', '..'));

if (!empty($inventea_images_list))
	// Get random image name
	$inventea_random_image = $inventea_images_list[array_rand($inventea_images_list)];
Now also find this existing line:

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'SITE_LOGO_IMG'			=> $user->img('site_logo'),
After this existing line, add the following additional line:

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'INVENTIA_RANDOM_IMAGE' => (isset($inventea_random_image)) ? $web_path . $inventea_images_path . $inventea_random_image : '',
Next open styles/we_universal/template/overall_header.html and find:

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<div class="inventea-dashboard">
Replace with:

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<div class="inventea-dashboard" style="background-image: url({INVENTIA_RANDOM_IMAGE});">
That's it! Don't forget to upload images.
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