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Missing Language files

by Highway Rider » Sun Apr 02, 2017 3:02 pm

using 3.1.10 and installed this language pack and this is what shows for errors

Missing language files
» search_ignore_words2.php
» search_synonyms2.php

Can this be corrected ?
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Re: Missing Language files

by RytoEX » Sun Apr 02, 2017 9:53 pm

According to the changes between phpBB 3.1.9 and 3.1.10, the files "language/en/search_ignore_words.php" and "language/en/search_synonyms.php" were removed from phpBB, so they should not need to be included in any language packs for 3.1.10.

In your case, I'm not sure why your installation is looking for language pack files named "search_ignore_words2.php" and "search_synonyms2.php", since those files do not (or should not) exist in a standard phpBB 3.1.10 installation. Incidentally, the only Google search results I found for those file names seems to be from another thread you made about issues you were having, which seem to be resolved.

If you are still having issues with the American English language pack, please let us know.
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Re: Missing Language files

by MohamedAG » Fri Jul 14, 2017 12:04 am

Note (This applies to phpbb3.1 and phpbb3.2)

The method or way phpbb use to validate ANY language file is by ... wait for it....

Comparing it to the language file you made to be the default.

In your case what I think happened is the following

1- The default language you use was updated with the new files and variables
2- Files that were supposed to be removed did not get removed in this case (search_ignore_words2.php and search_synonyms2.php)
3- After uploading Phpbb ONLY checks for missing items and files (not files or variables that ARE NOT suppose to be there) therefor there will be no Error showing and you assume everything is OK
4- You make The new Language the default one which also have them extra things
5- Now when you go and browse the English Language it will get compared to the default and phpbb will notify you that indeed some files are missing.

Way to solve this from your side ...
1- Remove the files that are not in the English language

From PhpBB side ...
1- Stop comparing it to the default
2- Report files that are there and not suppose to be there (we already have extensions ) from an array instead of comparing to other lang files.
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