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I'm stuck

by dmvyouthsoccer2 » Thu Aug 17, 2017 1:27 am

Hi All

I believe I have installed the language pack in the correct config file, but I am still not given the option to install American English.

Steps I took.

1. Downloaded and Unzipped
-in the unzipped file there were the following folders: /ext /langauge / style

2. Uploaded via Filezilla to the following see attachment too

Am I in the correct "root" and config file? Any help would be appreciated.

Screenshot of root language.PNG
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Re: I'm stuck

by RytoEX » Thu Aug 17, 2017 3:00 am

Your phpBB root folder appears to be the "public_html" folder, and you appear to have unzipped the "language" and "styles" folder of the language pack into the "public_html/phpbb/config/" folder. This is incorrect.

You'll want to delete the folders "language" and "styles" from the "public_html/phpbb/config/" folder. Then, you'll want to copy/extract the folders "ext", "language", and "styles" to your root phpBB folder (which is "public_html"). This should result in the following new "en_us" folders existing in your phpBB installation at these locations:

Code: Select all

|- ext
|  |- phpbb
|     |- viglink
|        |- language
|           |- en_us
|- language
|  |- en_us
|- styles
   |- prosilver
      |- theme
         |- en_us
Please note that there is a folder within the phpBB root folder named "phpbb". That "phpbb" folder is not the root folder. One possible way to identify the root phpBB folder (at least for phpBB 3.2.x) could be to verify that it contains folders named "adm", "assets", "ext", "language", "styles" and files named "app.php", "config.php", "index.php", "mcp.php", "posting.php", and "ucp.php".

Hope that helps!
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