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עברית עבור phpBB 3.2.1?

by starlisa » Thu Oct 19, 2017 5:19 pm

האם מישהו מכין עברית עבור הגרסה החדשה? יש מה שאני יכולה לעשות כדי לעזור?
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Re: עברית עבור phpBB 3.2.1?

by orynider » Thu Jan 17, 2019 7:52 pm


I did take a look at the Hebrew language pack (downloaded from languages) and probably in context displays correct, but I made some notes on how some words are adapted.
In common.php, I put a comment after each line with the meaning.

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	'1_DAY'			=> 'יום אחד', //yom echad //day one
	'1_MONTH'		=> 'חודש אחד', //chodesh echad //month one
	'1_YEAR'		=> 'שנה אחת', //shenah echad //year one
	'2_WEEKS'		=> 'שבועיים', //shebuayim //weeks
	'3_MONTHS'		=> 'שלושה חודשים', //sheloshah chodeshim //three months
	'6_MONTHS'		=> 'חצי שנה', //chotzi shenah //half year
	'7_DAYS'		=> 'שבוע', //shabua or shavua //seven or week (ימים - yomim is missing)

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	'MODULE_FILE_INCORRECT_CLASS'	=> 'Module file %s does not contain correct class [%s]',
	'MONTH'					=> 'חודש', //chodesh //month
	'MOVE'					=> 'העבר', //ha eber //traversed or the passed over, converted, the move (putting a hey consonant before 'eber' does not make sense here.)

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	'NEXT'						=> 'הבא',		// Used in pagination
	'NEXT_STEP'					=> 'הבא', //he bae //entrance, the enter. (שלב הבא - next entrance, is more Ok.)
	'NEVER'						=> 'לעולם לא', //le aolam lae //to eternity no
	'NO'						=> 'לא', //lae //no
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