Area51 Alien


Area51 houses phpBB's bug tracker, testing infrastructure, a wiki, a discussion board and various other helpful development tools. Visit this site to get involved in phpBB development.

To discuss and observe ongoing development and the future of the phpBB software, we invite you to visit the Area51 Development Discussion Board.

phpBB Bug Tracker

If you find a bug in phpBB, report it here. Vote for the bugs and features of importance to you. Please do not submit support requests.

Bug Trackers for Website & Tools

If you encountered a problem with this website or any other phpBB development tool, report it here.

Security Tracker

Please report any security issue you find to this tracker. This will ensure a quick and easy way to work together with the developers to evaluate and fix.

Get Involved

To find out how to get involved in development; whether through reporting bugs, suggesting features or contributing code you can find out how to here.

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