Extensions are downloadable packages which can be installed very easily on a phpBB board to add new features and functionality.

Extensions are the natural successor to modifications (sometimes known as MODs), the development and support of which have defined the community's involvement in the phpBB project for over a decade. Unlike modifications, the extensions system for edit-less changes added in phpBB 3.1 makes customising phpBB easier than ever.

For Users

phpBB Official Extensions

Here you can download and contribute to extensions built by phpBB for phpBB.

Extensions Database

Here you can download extensions validated by phpBB and submit completed extensions. Additional un-validated extensions in development can be found in the Extensions in Development Forum.

Installing Extensions

How to install and enable extensions on a phpBB board. Also how to disable and delete an extension from a board.

Extension Support

Extensions downloaded from the Customisation Database have their own support forums. To find support for extensions downloaded elsewhere, you should seek support from the author or forum where it was downloaded.

For Developers

Extension Development Tutorials

Tutorials and documentation for extension development.

Rules and Policies

View the full list of Rules and Policies for developing extensions.

phpBB Coding Guidelines

The guidelines extension authors should follow when writing an extension for phpBB.


The Extension Pre Validator is a tool you can use to check an extension for basic errors prior to submitting it to the Extensions Database.

Recognised Extension Developers

Recognised Extension Developers are developers who have been specially recognised by the Extension Customisations Team.

Extensions in Development Forum

A forum for extension authors to post and receive feedback on their extensions while in development.

Extension Writers Forum

A forum for extension authors to discuss extension development.


An extension development tool that allows users to set up multiple phpBB installations with one mouse click.

Extension Skeleton

An extension development tool to rapidly generate the starter files and components for new extension projects.

The Extension Customisations Team

Extension Customisations Team Overview

Important information pertaining to the activities of the Extension Customisations Team, and how you can become involved.