EPV - Extension Pre Validator

The extension pre validator (EPV) is a tool which is used to validate extensions when submitted to the Extension Database. The EPV checks extensions for common mistakes, coherence to guidelines and much more. If an extension fails to pass EPV, it may be denied.

Using EPV

It is suggested that extension authors use EPV during development and prior to submitting their extensions. EPV can be utilised by developers in a number of convenient usages:

  1. Using a local copy of EPV.
    You can download EPV from GitHub. Once downloaded, you can run EPV from a command line interface on your extension's GitHub repository or a local copy:

    From a GitHub repo (short name):
    php src/EPV.php run --github="phpbb-extensions/boardrules"

    From a GitHub repo (URL):
    php src/EPV.php run --git="https://github.com/phpbb-extensions/boardrules/"

    Path to a local copy of your extension:
    php src/EPV.php run --dir="/Users/paulsohier/profile-guestbook-ext/"

    Pro-Tip: When adding the --debug option to the command, additional validation information is displayed.
  2. Submission to the Extensions Database.
    When submitting an extension to the Extension Database it will automatically be tested by EPV and the results displayed. If the results display any warnings or errors, you should address them and re-submit. Extensions that do not pass EPV may be Insta-Denied.

  3. Travis Continuous Integration.
    If your extension is using GitHub, you are encouraged to set up EPV testing of your extension using Travis-CI. This will test your extension every time you push changes to your repository, and alert you to any problems EPV detects in your new code. Setup instructions.

  4. Run EPV right here!
    Below you can provide the short name of your extension's GitHub repository and see the validation results.

Run EPV on your GitHub repository

Github short name:

Note: Due to a limitation, it is currently only possible to validate the default branch of a Github repository from this page. If your extension is on another branch, you should use EPV from the command line or from Travis.

Reporting bugs

Please report bugs to the bug tracker found here.

Contributing to EPV

You can contribute to EPV by forking the repository. After that make your changes in a new branch and create a pull request.