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Changing the registration agreement of your board
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Written By: hc2995
Written On: Sat Dec 29, 2007 6:56 am
Description: Want to change the registration agreement? Why not take a look how.
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*NOTE: This is tutorial only shows how to edit ENGLISH language pack, however the technique is the same for any language pack*

First things first, FTP to your site and go to your phpBB installation path, then navigate to Language/en/ Next lets save a copy of ucp.php (make a backup copy, just in case ;)) Next download ucp.php and open it for editing.

Search for the following line:
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Now edit the text you want to change, this reflects what you would like you users to agree too when they register, a few things to remember are:

%1$s = The name of your forums
%2$s = The URL path of your forums

On a side note, this file also contains a TON of other things, i am only showing you how to change the registration agreement, however in this file you may change things like what phpBB will say when a users account is activated. Explore and play around, however make sure you ALWAYS backup a copy of ucp.php that WORKS!

Hope this was helpful