Londonvasion 2008

This was a historic event for phpBB as it sets precedent for future plans. We would like to thank all those who attended the conference for their support, and the community as a whole for providing us with the resources necessary to make such an event possible.

As promised, the entire event was recorded. Please enjoy the videos and photos, posted below.

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Londonvasion Discussion Topic

Several team members have posted photos in the Londonvasion Discussion Topic. They begin in the following post:
[View Photos]

Photos taken by Kenny Cameron

View cherokee red's photos here:
[Photos listing]

Photos taken by David Lewis

View Highway of Life's here:

Photos taken by Ashley Pinner

View NeoThermic's photos here:

Photos taken by Barry Carlyon

View barrycarlyon's photos here:

Photos taken by Maƫl Soucaze

View Xaphos's photos here:

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