This page contains links to tools and information of interest to MOD authors and users that wish to install modifications.

Primary MOD Team Activities

MOD Team Overview

Important information pertaining to the activities of the MOD Team, and how you can become involved.

MOD Database

Here you can download and submit completed MODs.


Information about the MODX format used for modifications.


AutoMOD is a tool designed to automatically install MODs for phpBB3. AutoMOD for phpBB3 is the successor to EasyMOD.


Create easy to use automated MOD installation scripts.

Bug tracker

Report bugs in our MOD Team tools.

MOD Authors

Introduction to MOD Writing

This document contains the basic information a MOD author needs to know before writing a MOD.


The MOD Pre-Validator is a tool you can use to check MODs for basic errors prior to submitting it to the MOD DB.

MODX Tools

Information and links for the MODX creator and generator.

UMIL Creator Tool

Use the UMIL creation tool to aid in using UMIL in your MOD(s).


A MOD development tool that allows users to set up multiple phpBB3 installations with one mouse click.

Rules and Policies

Explanations of the rules and policies affecting phpBB modifications and the MOD Team.

phpBB3 Coding Guidelines

The guidelines MOD authors should follow when writing a MOD for phpBB3.

Development Wiki

The phpBB Development Wiki contains a lot of useful information about the code in phpBB3.


Finding MODs

How to search for a MOD, comparing MOD's to see which best meets your requirements, how to download it.

Opening MODs

How to unzip, a description of what each file does, instructions on how to open the file in your browser.

Installing MODs

What each action means, the technique to install a MOD, what to do with FTP and backing up files.

Support for MODs

Where to go if you are experiencing problems with a MOD you have installed.


Bridge Policies

The policy for accepting bridges to phpBB Bridges database. Bridge authors should read this.

Bridges Database

Here you can find validated bridges.

Other Information

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most commonly asked MOD related questions.

Junior Validators

Junior Validators assist the MOD Team by testing and giving feedback on MODs submitted to the MOD DB.