phpBB Customisation Database: Bridges

A number of specifications must be met for a bridge to be accepted into the customisation database.

Unlike the stringent requirements for phpBB modifications, bridges integrate other software and therefore require a higher level of flexibility. We are, however, providing a list of guidelines to ensure consistency and ease of use.

Required elements

All submitted bridges will be checked for these elements and denied for non-compliance.

  • No hardcoded language within phpBB itself.
  • All template edits within phpBB must include directions for the prosilver template.
  • Any modifications to phpBB must be placed in a MODX file called "install_phpbb.xml" in the root directory of the bridge (and including the up-to-date XLS to match).
  • INSTALL.txt or README.txt must be present with sufficient direction on how to install the bridge.


Packaging the bridge is simple and straightforward. Place the included files for each system into the appropriate directories, either phpbb3/ for phpBB files, or the default package name for the software you are integrating with. For example, if I am writing a MediaWiki bridge, the default-package-name would be "mediawiki"

  • root
    • phpbb3/
    • (default-package-name)/
    • INSTALL.txt or README.txt
    • LICENSE.txt
    • install_phpbb.xml (optional, only needed if you are editing phpBB files)
    • modx.prosilver.en.xsl (only needed if you include install_phpbb.xml)


All bridges must be packaged with INSTALL.txt or README.txt in the root directory. The information contained may be presented in any way the author wishes. It must be in English, however you may add additional files (e.g. INSTALL_de.txt or README_de.txt) for additional localisations. We will check to ensure that these are readable and contain sufficient information to install the bridge.


The license you are releasing the package under. It must be compatible with both pieces of software.


The bridge must be written with security in mind. All submissions undergo a security audit and vulnerable code will be denied.


The bridge must function as advertised. It should be free of obvious bugs and run with error_reporting set to E_ALL.


While it would be ideal for all bridges to follow these recommendations, it is possible for the structure of some software to cause complications in this regard. As such, exceptions can be made when necessary.

In addition to the above recommendations, all bridge developers are encouraged to use good programing practices and keep to the phpBB coding guidelines when dealing with phpBB.

Making code edits to the software being bridged should be avoided whenever possible. Few edits make deploying and maintaining the bridge simpler to work with.

Lastly, bridge authors are encouraged to learn about the software they are integrating in order to make the bridge as seamless as possible. Features available in other software may make bridging easier and such features should be utilised whenever possible.