Modifications FAQ

General Modifications FAQ

What is a MOD?
phpBB uses MOD as meaning short for modification
What is a modification?
A Modification makes changes to the core phpBB code to change, add, or remove functionality.
Can I download modifications from other MOD Distribution Webites?
Although you are free to download MODs from other sites, we do not recommend it. The MODs that are posted to the MOD Database go through a thorough validation process to make sure that the MOD works, follows basic coding standards, and does not hamper your board. phpBB does not give support for MODs downloaded from sites other than
How do I install MODs?
Modifications come as packages that include installation instructions in a .xml file.
I opened a .xml file and it's all gibberish to me.
Open the .xml file in a web browser such as Internet Explorer 6+, Firefox, or Opera 9.0.
I opened a .xml file in a web browser and it is still all gibberish.
Make sure there is also a .xsl file in the same folder as the .xml file.
Installing modifications is hard, can you do it for me?
For automated installation you could take a look at AutoMOD.
The modification messed up my board! What do I do?
You can either ask for help in the modification's topic located here at If you got the modification from another site, ask for help at that site. Be specific in your problem, the more information you give, the easier it is for people to help you. If you don't want to get help or no one is giving you help you can uninstall the modification.
Who writes modifications and can I write some?
phpBB doesn't have 'official' MOD Authors. We allow anyone who wants to write modification to write and submit them for validation.
What skills do I need to write modifications?
To write MODs for phpBB, you need to know some PHP. Since phpBB is written in PHP, your MOD needs to be in PHP. You will also need to understand how phpBB runs.
How can I make sure my modification is bug free?
Make a topic in the MODs in Development forums for 2.0 and 3.0. People will then be able to download your modification and test it for you. Usually if they find bugs they will post a reply in your topic so you can fix it. Please make sure you read the MOD Development Forum Rules first.

phpBB3.0 Modifications FAQ

How do I get started Writing MODs for phpBB3.0

What documentation is available?
There is limited documentation in the 3.0 Modifications section of the knowledge base, and on the documentation section of the modifications website.
Where can I get help with writing my modification?
The MOD Writers Discussion Forum is a place for obtaining help writing a modification for phpBB.
Are there any standards I need to follow?
Yes, please read the MOD Database requirements.
Where do I submit the final version of my modification?
The final version of any modification published at needs to be submitted to the MOD Database.
How do I update a MOD in the MOD Database?
Go into the My MODs section of the MOD Database. Click on the Manage link for the MOD you want to update. At this new page go into the Update tab to submit an update to your MOD.