Finding and downloading a modification

The quickest way to find a modification is to use the search function within phpBB. To view detailed instructions on how to use the search function, please view the "Before Requesting a Modification" topic. There is an advanced MOD search function available as well, if you wish to narrow your search down to meet specific criteria.

If using the phpBB search functions do not yield any results, you can broaden your search by searching the entire website. As this is function is powered by Google, it may reveal additional results.

At, modifications are grouped into two categories; MODs in development, and MODs in the MOD database. It is advised that users only install MODs that have been released into the MOD Database as these MODs have undergone validation by the MOD Team. MODs that are in development may be incomplete and it is not recommended that these MODs are used in a live environment.

All MODs written for phpBB 3.x that are in the MOD Database are assigned a topic in the [3.0.x] MOD Database Releases forum. The first post of each such topic contains important information about the MOD, such as a download link, its complexity and an estimate of how long it will take to install. Often, the MOD author will post a list of features on the first page of the topic.

If you are new to installing MODs, it is a good idea to review this information before attempting to install the MOD.

There are several degrees of complexity, and they are:

  • SQL Schema Changes
    This could involve the addition, alteration or removal of database tables.
  • SQL Data Changes
    The input of data into database tables. With both schema and data changes, often a PHP script will be provided by the MOD author that performs these changes automatically, however this may not always be the case.
  • Template Changes
    Requires editing the .html template files.
  • Language Changes
    Requires editing one or more of the language files.
  • File Edits
    Requires editing one or more of the core phpBB files.

If you are not confident performing any of the above tasks, you may want to only install MODs that don't require that level of complexity until such time that you are more experienced with MOD installations.

As a general rule, MODs with higher estimated installation times have higher levels of complexity.

Before downloading the MOD it is a good idea to browse through the MOD topic. Many topics are extremely large, so even browsing a couple of pages to see how other users are finding the MOD can be extremely beneficial.

If there are two or more MODs you are looking at which perform similar functions, look for posts by users which have tested both MODs and see how they thought the MODs compared. If you can't find any existing comparisons, compare the feature lists (if available) for yourself. If required, take into account the complexity of each MOD. If you are a new MOD installer, you may want to sacrifice one or two features on a more complex MOD if an alternative option is very easy to install.

Once you have made your decision, you can download the MOD by going to the first post of the MOD topic, and clicking the download link. Depending on your browser settings, you may prompted to select where you want to download the file to, or it may download automatically to a pre-determined location.