Opening a modification for the first time

Once you have downloaded a modification, you will need to unpackage it on your computer, as MOD's are available in the compressed "zip" file format.

In Windows Vista and XP, to unzip the MOD, simply double click it from Windows Explorer view (for instance, if you downloaded the MOD to My Documents, you would open My Documents and double click the file). Proceed to click "Extract all files" under the address bar (Vista) or under the Folder Tasks menu (XP) from within the Explorer window and follow the prompts.

On Mac, zipped files are automatically unzipped upon download by Safari (this setting can be disabled by unticking "Open safe files" in Safari's preferences) and can be accessed through the downloads list.

When you look at the decompressed folder, you will see an assortment of files.

XML file

The XML file is the MODX installation file for the MOD. There is no standard name for this file, although it will always end in ".xml" and often includes either the name of the MOD or the word "install" within the name. (eg. install.xml, quick_reply_install.xml, etc). You may also find template specific installation files. (eg. subsilver2.xml)

XSL file

The XSL file ensures the XML installation files is formatted correctly and functions correctly. As a MOD installer, you do not need to open or modify this file. Typically it is named modx.prosilver.en.xsl for English phpBB3 MOD's or modx.subsilver.en.xsl for English phpBB2 MOD's.


This is simply the license for the MOD, it does not contain any information regarding the installation of the MOD.


The contrib/ directory stores installation scripts, alternate installation instruction and optional add-ons for the MOD. Files included with the MOD are located within the root directory, and subdirectories within it. Included files for alternate languages and templates are supplied with the languages/ and templates/ directories.

After decompressing the MOD download folder, the only file you need to deal with is the XML install file.

Unlike the text template, MODX cannot be opened in a normal text editor such as Notepad. Instead, the installation file needs to be opened in a web browser. You do not need to be connected to the internet to view the file.

When you right click the XML file (both Windows or Mac), you will see an "Open with" option, which you must hover over with your mouse. Select your favourite web browser (Firefox, or Internet Explorer, or Safari, etc) from the list of applications, and the file will open for you.

If you have a browser window already opened, you can simply drag the .xml file into it and the installation instructions will automatically display.