The MOD Team oversees all activities on with relation to modifications, including the validation of modifications submitted to the MOD Database, maintaining useful MOD related tools and scripts such as AutoMOD, UMIL and MODX and ensuring the smooth running of the MOD forums on

Get involved

The Modifications Team is a great place to get involved with opensource and to help out the phpBB project. On this page we will list all open volunteer positions on the phpBB Modifications Team.

After getting invited to join the Modifications Team with your role as one of the following volunteer positions, you will undergo training on how to moderate or how to validate modifications and use the validation tools.

As with all phpBB Teams, all positions on the phpBB Modifications Team are unpaid volunteer positions.

Click on one of the following roles to learn more:

MOD author conventions

On occasion the phpBB Modifications Team holds a 24 hour convention with the phpBB modding community. While the community can take to us at any time, we organise this time for the community to ask questions, and to talk to the community about things that are going on.