Styles change the appearance of your board. phpBB 3.x uses a powerful templating-system that keeps the PHP code separate from the HTML code and gives you complete freedom to customise your forum the way you want it.

The default style for phpBB 3.2.x and 3.3.x is prosilver. The Styles Database contains additional styles created by members of the community and are available for download and installation on your phpBB board.

For Users

Styles Database

Here you can download additional board styles for phpBB, as well as add-on graphics such as ranks, avatars, and smilies.

Styles Demo for phpBB

Here you can view a live demo of various phpBB 3.3.x board styles before you download them. A 3.2.x version is also available.

Installing & Using Styles

A step by step guide on how to install and use styles on your phpBB board, as well as additional information on how styles work.

Styles Support

Here you will find information that can aid you in solving various style-related problems you might encounter.

For Developers

Creating & Modifying Styles

Basic as well as more advanced instructions for creating your own style for phpBB, or modifying an existing one to suit your needs.

Rules & Policies

View the full list of Rules and Policies for developing styles, as well as the process of submitting your own style to the Styles Database.

Graphics Development Kits (GDK)

These are Photoshop files that contain the images used in the default phpBB styles, either with commercial or free fonts included.

prosilver 3.2.x vector GDK

prosilver 3.1.x GDK (commercial fonts)

prosilver 3.1.x GDK (free fonts)

prosilver 3.0.x GDK (commercial fonts)

prosilver 3.0.x GDK (free fonts)

subSilver 2.0.x GDK

The Style Customisations Team

Style Customisations Team Overview

Important information pertaining to the activities of the Style Customisations Team, and how you can become involved.

Junior Validators

Information on the activities of the Junior Styles Validation Team, and how you can become involved.