Junior Validators

The Junior Style Validators Team is composed of community members (often style authors) who assist the Style Customisations Team in validating user-submitted styles in the Styles Database.

Their role includes testing styles to ensure that everything displays and functions correctly and that they adhere with the rules set in place by the Styles Submission Policies. They are also the first responders when a submission enters the Styles Database, which consists of quickly checking submissions and pointing out those that contain major issues.

What are the duties of a Junior Style Validator?

Junior Style Validators download and install newly submitted Style from the Styles section of the Customisation Database. They check for any visible errors with the styles and together create a report with comments and suggestions. The style then receives a status ('Validating', 'deny', 'repack', etc.) and continues through the validation process. If any issues are found, the styles author receives a helpful report from the Style Customisations Team.

Why should I become a Junior Style Validator?

  • Directly contribute to one of the greatest OSS communities on the internet.
  • Work your way toward full team membership and the awesome pink rank.
  • Collaborate with other individuals from around the world while improving your existing skills.

As a Junior Validator you will also gain access to our private forums, Discord and IRC Channel.

What are the requirements?

The Style Customisations Team will select new members from the Junior Style Validators Team. Users interested in joining the JSV Team should meet the following requirements:

  • Must have comprehensive knowledge of HTML, CSS, phpBB's default styles, and the templating system.
  • Be able to communicate effectively in English.
  • Be familiar with the Styles Submission Policies.

Where can I apply?

If you meet these requirements and want to contribute to the phpBB project under the Style Customisations Team, you can apply to become a Junior Style Validator by contacting DavidIQ. Successful applicants will receive a private message with additional information.