Styles Support

Installing & Using Styles

Where can I find styles?
3.3.xStyles Database (validated) or 3.3.x Styles in Development Forum (unvalidated).
3.2.xStyles Database (validated) or 3.2.x Styles in Development Forum (unvalidated).
How do I install a style?
3.2.x & 3.3.xVisit the Installing & Using Styles page.
Will you guys install a style for me?
Unfortunately we cannot. If you're having difficulty, first try searching the community to see if someone else has had and resolved the same problem. If to no avail, you may post in the [3.2.x] Styles Support or [3.3.x] Styles Support forums for assistance.
Where can I get support for a specific style?
Styles downloaded from the Styles Database have their own dedicated support forums. If you downloaded the style from the 3.2.x/3.3.x Styles in Development Forums, you should ask for support in the development topic. To find support for styles downloaded elsewhere, you should seek support from the author or forum where it was downloaded.

Creating and Editing Styles

How do I create a new style?
3.2.x & 3.3.xVisit the Creating & Modifying Styles page.
How do I modify an existing style?
3.2.x & 3.3.xVisit the Creating & Modifying Styles page.
Where can I get help with my style edits/development?
First, you should read the available resources and guides. If you cannot find what you are looking for, use the search function. If that doesn't provide any results, you can ask for support in the following community forums:
3.3.xVisit the [3.3.x] Styles Support & Discussion.
3.2.xVisit the [3.2.x] Styles Support & Discussion.
Are there any more advanced documentation resources that can help me?
There are multiple pages on the phpBB Development Documentation which are dedicated to styles and the template-engine. These can provide more information on advanced features that you can use.
Additionally, there are articles available in our knowledge base that can help you with common tasks:
Styles Knowledge Base

Submitting Styles

Can I submit a style to the Styles Database?
Yes, you may submit a style that you created and you'd like to share with the community. The phpBB Style Customisations Team will review your submission and if it is error-free it will be added to our database.
Are there rules I need to read before submitting a style to the Styles Database?
Yes. All submitters should read the Styles Submission Policy to see the rules for submitting styles to our database and to learn how to actually submit the files.
If a style has not been updated by the original author, can I update it myself and submit it to the database?
If the original author no longer wishes to update it themselves, they must give express permission to someone to take over their work.

If the original author is unreachable, however, then you may update the style and submit it (specifying that this is the case in the submission, in the "Message to Style Customisations Team" field). If the original author returns after this, though, then they can then reclaim the style if they wish. The original author would have the option to keep any updates done by you or to use/integrate them as they wish.
If you have any suggestions or remarks relating to this guide, feel free to contact the Style Customisations Team.