Style Customisations Team Overview

The Style Customisations Team oversees all activities on with relation to styles, including the validation of styles submitted to the Customisation Database, maintaining useful style-related tools and scripts such as the prosilver GDK (Graphics Development Kit), and ensuring the smooth running of the styles forums on Additionally, they help by assisting users in the forums with style related questions.

Style Customisations Team

The Style Customisations Team assists in the usual day to day tasks (validation & support) as well as other internal projects. Potential Style Customisations Team members that will be tasked with validation and support are expected to have an active involvement in the Styles Support forums and to show a clear understanding of the phpBB templating system and HTML/CSS. Extensive knowledge of the default styles shipped with phpBB, particularly prosilver, is also an essential requirement to join the team.

The Style Customisations Team is a great place to get involved with open source software and to help the phpBB project. After getting invited to join the Style Customisations Team, you will undergo training on how to moderate or how to validate styles and use the validation tools.

As with all phpBB Teams, all positions on the Style Customisations Team are unpaid volunteer positions.

Current members are listed here.

Junior Validators

The Style Customisations Team is always on the look-out for new Junior Validators. Junior Validators are style authors that assist the Style Customisations Team with the validation of styles submitted to the Customisation Database. The task of a Junior Validator is to test styles in the Styles Queue (in the Customisation Database), and to offer feedback.

The Jr. Style Validator team is also a main entry point for potential new Style Customisations Team members. If you are interested in becoming a Jr. Style Validator, you are encouraged to apply here.

Current members are listed here.