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Display Quick Reply by default in prosilver [NOTE - OBSOLETE]

Description: How to have the Quick Reply window appear in a topic, rather than having to click the Quick Reply button.

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[url=]Knowledge Base - Display Quick Reply by default in prosilver [NOTE - OBSOLETE][/url]

Quick Reply is a new feature in version 3.0.6.

If Quick Reply is enabled in Post settings and in Forum settings, prosilver displays a "Quick Reply" button, which must be clicked to open the Reply window. For those who want to eliminate this step:

OPEN styles/prosilver/template/quickreply_editor.html


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// onload_functions.push('init_qr();');
FIND AND DELETE the one occurrence each of:

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Then Refresh the prosilver template in the ACP, Styles tab, or purge the cache.

DavidIQ gets all credit for this MOD. I am merely the presenter.