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How to : show icon on friends mini-profile

Description: How to show a icon on your friends mini-profile beside their posts.

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This Article will show you how to place a icon under a users rank if the user is on your friends list.

You can use any image you like, just save it to your /styles/prosilver/imageset/ directory.

Open up styles/prosilver/template/viewtopic_body.html and find :

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         <!-- IF postrow.RANK_TITLE or postrow.RANK_IMG --><dd>{postrow.RANK_TITLE}<!-- IF postrow.RANK_TITLE and postrow.RANK_IMG --><br /><!-- ENDIF -->{postrow.RANK_IMG}</dd><!-- ENDIF -->


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      <!-- IF postrow.S_FRIEND --> <dd><img src="{T_IMAGESET_PATH}/friend.gif" /></dd> <!-- ENDIF -->

You can place that code where ever you desire between <!-- BEGIN postrow --> and <!-- END postrow -->