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No avatars when disabling "avatars uploading"

Description: When you disable the avatars uploading form machine or from a link to your server option,all the avatars that have already been uploaded,don't show anymore. Solution is here.

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[url=]Knowledge Base - No avatars when disabling "avatars uploading"[/url]

When you disable avatar uploading or remote avatars in the ACP, all of the existing avatars will no longer be visible.

In order to fix this, please follow the instructions below.

Open: /includes/functions_display.php

Find and remove:

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         if (!$config['allow_avatar_upload'] && !$ignore_config)
            return '';

Please make sure you save a backup before you edit, as well as read the following article:
[kb=phpbb3-and-utf-8-without-bom]phpBB3 and UTF-8 without BOM[/kb]

After this edit is made, the existing avatars will be visible after you disable the above mentioned options in the ACP

Slightly re-written, as well as spelling fixes - Sinom