Default groups

As it is now possible to assign attributes like colours or avatars to groups (see Section 3.6.2, “Group attributes”, it can happen that a user is a member of two or more different groups that have different avatars or other attributes. So, which avatar will the user now inherit?

To overcome this problem, you are able to assign each user exactly one "Default group". The user will only inherit the attributes of this group. Note, that it is not possible to mix attributes: If one group has a rank but no avatar, and another group has only a avatar, it is not possible to display the avatar from one group and the rank from the other group. You have to decide for one "Default group".


Default groups have no influence on permissions. There is no added permissions bonus for your default group, so a user's permissions will stay the same, no matter what group is his default one.

You can change default groups in two ways. You can do this either through the user management (see Section 3.5, “Users Management”), or directly through the groups management (Manage groups) page. Please be careful with the second option, as when you change the default group through a group directly, this will change the default group for all its group members and overwrite their old default groups. So, if you change the default group for the "Registered Users" group by using the Default link, all members of your forum will have this group as their default one, even members of the Administrators and Moderators groups as they are also members of "Registered Users".


If you make a group the default one that has a rank and avatar set, the user's old avatar and rank will be overwritten by the group.