Group types

There are two types of groups:

Pre-defined groups

These are groups that are available by default in phpBB 3.0. You cannot delete them, as the board needs them for various features. You can still change their attributes (description, colour, rank, avatar, and so forth) and group leaders. Users that register to your board are automatically added to the predefined group "Registered Users", for instance. Do not try to remove them manually through the database, or your board will no longer function properly.


This usergroup contains all of the administrators on your board. All founders are administrators, but not all administrators are founders. You can control what administrators can do by managing this group.


This usergroup is meant for search engine bots. phpBB 3.0 has the ability to overcome the common problems that search engine spiders encounter when spidering your board. For more information on managing settings for each bot, see the Spiders and Bots section.

Global Moderators

Global moderators are moderators that have moderator permissions for every forum in your board. You can edit what permissions these moderators have by managing this group.


Guests are visitors to your board who aren't logged in. You can limit what guests can do by managing this usergroup.

Registered Users

Registered users are a big part of your board. Registered users have already registered on your board. To control what registered users can do, manage this usergroup.

Registered COPPA Users

Registered COPPA users are basically the same as registered users, except that they fall under the COPPA, or Child Online Privacy Protection Act, law, meaning that they are under the age of 13 in the U.S.A. Managing the permissions this usergroup has is important in protecting these users. COPPA doesn't apply to users living outside of the U.S.A. and can be disabled altogether.

User defined groups

The groups you create by yourself are called "User defined groups". These groups are similar to groups in 2.0. You may create as many as you want, remove them, set group leaders, and change their attributes (description, colour, rank, avatar, and so forth).

The Manage Groups section in the ACP shows you separated lists of both your "User defined groups" and the "Pre-defined groups".