On your board, you will need to control what users can and cannot do, and what they can and cannot see. With the flexible and detailed system that Olympus provides, you have an extensive ability to manage permissions. There are five types of permissions in phpBB3:

  • Global User permissions

  • Global Moderator permissions

  • Global Administrator permissions

  • User Forum permissions

  • Forum Moderator permissions

The three Global permissions are ones which apply to every forum or are unrelated to forums altogether.

The two Forum permissions are ones which apply to only one forum at a time.

Any of these five permission types may be assigned to individual users or to usergroups.

When setting permissions, you will encounter three possible values - NO, YES and NEVER, with NO as the default value for each permission. If you set a YES, it overrides the NO, however, if the permission is set to NEVER, you cannot override it by setting it to YES in another place. If you still have problems understanding this system, see the Permissions Masks section.

To understand how to set permissions and to know how to use the interface, it is important to recognize the different types of permissions and tools that the Permission tab in the ACP provides: