The first and last component of a style is the imageset. It contains all the images that are not included in the theme. For example they are the posting buttons, online banners, or topic and forum markers. The files which make up the imageset of your style can usually be found in the styles/[your_style]/imageset/ directory.

The imageset is always stored in the database. The details about each image (its location and dimensions) are taken from a imageset.cfg file located in the imageset directory and stored in the database from which they are loaded.

Before we describe the interface in the ACP, which allows you to edit the imageset through a graphical interface, let's take a look at how the imageset.cfg file is created in case you would like to edit the file manually by yourself. A typical row in the files looks like this: img_sticky_read = sticky_read.gif*27*27. The text before the equals sign is the image on the board. The location follows next. At the end, the height and width (in this order) of the file is defined. The last three items are separated by an asterisk without spaces.

Features on the Imagesets page

  • Edit: Here you can edit the individual images of the set. The imageset consists of a list of image entities with defined attributes, e.g. an entity is "Sticky topic icon", which has the attributes height, width and location. In order to explain what you can do on this page, let's go through all the controls present on it:

    • Current image: This shows the image that is currently assigned to the image.

    • Selected image: This gives you a preview of the image you select in the Image field.

    • Image: The ACP pulls all the images located in the imageset/ directory and lists them here. You can then assign any image file uploaded to that directory to an image on the board.

    • Include dimensions: If set to Yes, the dimensions from the fields below will be taken in account, otherwise they will be detected automatically.

    • Image width: Sets the width of the image file.

    • Image height: Sets the height of the image file.

  • Details: On this page, you can edit the name and copyright of the imageset (of course leave copyrights of the respectful authors).

  • Refresh: This option will take the details about each image from the imageset.cfg file and save them in the database. This will overwrite any changes you have made through the ACP editor and weren't saved on the filesystem.

  • Export: If you need to download the imageset to your PC and transfer it elsewhere or save any changes it, choose this option. You will be asked wheter to download the file to your PC or to save it in the board's store folder. You can also choose the archive format depending on your server setup.

  • Delete: Clicking this option will remove all references to the imageset from the database. It will, however, leave the files of the imageset on the server. When deleting the imageset you will be asked to choose another set that will replace the deleted one. You always must have at least one imageset installed.

Figure 3.9. Interface for editing imagesets

Interface for editing imagesets

On this page, you can edit the details of individual images that make up the imageset.