Now that we have described the style component that defines the structure of the site, the templates, we will continue to the themes. This style components takes care of all the styling. It adds colors, dimensions, formatting, fonts, and whatever else you can think of concerning styles. Basically it is a set of one or more CSS files that put together the final look of the board. The theme files can usually be found in the styles/[your_style]/theme/ directory.

There are two possible theme setups. The first one is used by subsilver2, where it has one stylesheet file which is loaded directly by specifying the URL of it in the templates. If you are editing such a file, the only thing you need to do after a change is to refresh the page in your browser. The second option is used by prosilver, there is one file that includes the others and the compiled and complete stylesheet is stored in the database. After you change on of the theme files, you will have to refresh the themes.


If you make changed to the stylesheet through the ACP and then refresh the theme, the changes made through the ACP will be overwritten with the contents of the stylesheet files on the server.

The themes page is very similar to the templates page, a lot of features are common, the main difference is that the theme contains a different type of files

Features on the Themes page

  • Edit: On this page, you can edit the stylesheet for the board. If the theme is stored in the database in various files, they will be all joined in one stylesheet file for you to edit. Save your changes with the Submit button. If you want to edit the file manually on the filesystem, you will find it in the theme/ directory of your style.

  • Details: When you click this item, you will see three things: the name of the theme, shown in the lists; the theme copyright and last, but not least the place where the theme is stored. If the theme is stored in the filesystem, you can edit the files through a text editor after you download them from your server. After you re-upload them, you must refresh the theme (this option is described just below). If the theme is stored in the database, you can edit it through the ACP editor. No theme refresh is needed afterwards.

  • Refresh: Be careful when using this option, as it will load the data from the files and overwrite any stylesheets in the database. If you edited your theme through the ACP, these changes will be lost. You can Export the theme to your PC if you need to save the changes. You will use this option when you make changes to the theme through the filesystem and you need to apply them to your board.

  • Export: If you need to download the theme to your PC and transfer it elsewhere or save any changes it, choose this option. You will be asked wheter to download the file to your PC or to save it in the board's store folder. You can also choose the archive format depending on your server setup.

  • Delete: Clicking this option will remove all references to the theme from the database. It will, however, leave the files of the theme on the server. When deleting the theme you will be asked to choose a theme that will replace the deleted one.