Mass email

phpBB allows you to send an e-mail or message to every user on the board, which allows it in his board preferences. The message can serve as a newsletter, notification about changes on the board etc. You can choose whether to send the e-mail to all users, a specific group or a list of specific users. The e-mail is sent from the administrator's e-mail address and all recipients are included in a BCC - Blind Carbon Copy.

On some hosts, sending a mass e-mail can be a problem, since sometimes the hosting company limits the number of e-mails that can be sent out at once. phpBB includes only 50 recipients per e-mail and sends another one for the next batch to prevent this, however, if you still are not able to send a mass e-mail, consult the situation with your hosting provider.

Composing a mass e-mail

  • Send to group: Select the group you want to send the e-mail too. The Registered Users group contains all the users on the board.

  • Send to users: You can also specify a list of users. Entering any usernames in this field will override the first setting. Each username should be on a new line.

  • Subject: This is the subject of the message, which you are used to enter when sending an e-mail.

  • Your message: This field contains the message, you can only enter plaintext. BBCode or HTML will be encoded in HTML entities and shown as is without formatting the text when the user receives the e-mail.

  • Mail priority: This is the priority of the e-mail sent with the e-mail headers.

  • Mail banned users: By default, banned users will not receive mass e-mails. Check this box if you would like to include those users in the mail mailing.

  • Send immediately: You can choose whether to send the e-mail immediately or pass the messages to the cache system and let them be sent gradually.


Sending e-mails to all users on the board or a large group can be a lengthy process. Wait until the script confirms that the e-mails have been sent.