Manage reasons for reporting and denying posts

phpBB has a feature that allows you to put new posts in queue, where the post waits until it is approved or denied by a moderator, this can be set with permissions or in the Post settings for users which do not have enough posts. If a moderator chooses to deny a post in the queue, he has an option to specify a reason for the denial. The predefined options from which he can choose are specified here. These reasons are also offered to users reporting a post on the board.

For more information about queue moderation, see Section 4.5.1, “Moderation queue”.

Figure 3.11. Report/denial reasons page

Report/denial reasons page

This is the page from which you can manage reasons shown when denying or reporting a post. Four default reasons present in a standard phpBB installation are shown. The fifth one is added manually and is not localised, this can be achieved by specifying an identifier in the Reason title containing only letters and underscores and then adding localised titles and reasons in the language file called mcp.php located in the language/ directory. The predefined reasons are at the bottom of the file, you need to add your reason in the same way as the others are saved. When you localise a reason, it is shown in the correct translation for each language pack used on the board.