Managing ranks

Ranks are special titles that can be applied to forum users. As an administrator, it is up to you to create and manage the ranks that exist on your board. The actual names for the ranks are completely up to you; it's usually best to tailor them to the main purpose of your board.


When assigning a special rank name to a user, remember that no permissions are associated. For example, if you create a "Support Moderator" rank and assign it to a user, that user will not automatically get moderator permissions. You must assign the user the special permissions separately.

To manage your board's ranks, login to your ACP, click on the Users and Groups tab, and then click on the Manage ranks link located in the left-hand menu. You should now be on the rank management page. All current existing ranks are displayed.

To create a new rank, click on the Add new rank button located below the existing ranks list. Fill in the first field Rank title with the name of the rank. If you uploaded an image you want to attribute to the rank into the /images/ranks/ folder, you can select an image from the selection menu. The last setting you can set is if you want the rank to be a "special" rank. Special ranks are ranks that administrators assign to users; they are not automatically assigned to users based on their postcount. If you selected No, then you can fill in the Minimum posts field with the minimum number of posts your users must have before getting assigned this rank. When you are done, click the Submit button to add this new rank.

To edit a rank's current settings, locate the rank's row, and then click on its "Edit" button located in the Action column.

To delete a rank, locate the rank's row, and then click on its "Delete" button located in the Action column. Then, you must confirm the action by clicking on the Yes button when prompted.